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Wood Keychain - Planchette

Wood Keychain - Planchette

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Item Description:


Size:  1.5"

Material:  Basswood, Metal linked Key Ring



A Planchette, commonly used in seances with ouija boards, has several key significances:


Spiritual communication:  Used to communicate with spirits or the deceased, believed to spell out messages.


Ouija Boards:  Moves across the board to indicate letters, numbers, or words, conveying messages from the spiritual realm.


Historical use in spiritualism:  Gained popularity in the 19th century for automatic writing, thought to be spirit-guided.


Psychological interpretation:  Some believe its movement is due to the ideomotor effect, caused by subconscious psychological forces.


Cultural significance:  An icon in ghost stories and supernatural phenomena in movies, literature, and popular culture.


The planchette remains a symbol of curiosity in the paranormal and spiritual communication, despite skepticism from the scientific community. 


** Sprayed with Shellac for a clear coat seal, blocks odors in wood from the laser engraver.

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