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Light Blue Evil Eye Bracelet

Light Blue Evil Eye Bracelet

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  • Bracelet Material:  Nylon
  • Adjustable 6" to 10" to fit your wrist
  • Evil Eye Bead:  Approx.  8mm
  • Color Beads:  4mm
  • Gold Beads:  Approx. 3mm


Light Blue Evil Eye Symbolizes:

  • General Protection
  • Broaden your perspective
  • Learning new information
  • Solitude and peace


Evil Eye Meaning:

The evil eye or al-ayn (simply "The eye" in arabic) is a curse that is said to cause harm in varying degrees, from miniscule annoyances, to making one's fortune dissolve, to igniting a string of bad luck - whatever that entails.  It is said that one gets the evil eye by way of another person's glare, praises, or complimemts, whether ill-intentioned or not.

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