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Charcoal Disk

Charcoal Disk

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Product Description:


Product Dimension: 5"L

Product Weight:  .2 oz

Product Count:  10 round disk, 1.5" x 1.5"


Charcoal discs are mini charcoal tablets which can be used when burning resins.  To light them, place over a flame or burner until the entire charcoal disc begins to glow red.  Once charcoal is lit and ready to be used place in a heat safe dish using tongs.  Sprinkle your resin of choice onto the disc and allow resins to burn.  


*** These charcoal discs are instant lighting charcoals.  Charcoal will usually take about 10 minutes of constant flame in order to be ready to burn resins.  Tongs should be used to pick up/move charcoal discs if necessary.

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