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Pendulum - Serpentine

Pendulum - Serpentine

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Product Description:


Product Dimension:  varies from 1"H - 2"H

Chain Length:  7"

Material:  Gemstone

Product Weight:  2oz. - 6oz.

Packaging Dimension:  3"W x 5"H

Packaging Weight:  .3oz - .7oz.


This beautiful crystal pendulum is a must-have for any crystal lover. Made from high-quality gemstones, this pendulum is perfect for divination, energy work, and chakra balancing. The pointed end allows for accurate readings, while the crystal's unique properties can help amplify your intuition.


Suitable for those looking for a pendulum with a calming effect, good for meditation and healing pain or distress.


*Please note that the color and shape of the natural crystal stone will be different, it will have deep and light color.

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