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Selenite Disk - 7 Chakra

Selenite Disk - 7 Chakra

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Product Description:


Product Dimension:  4” x 4” 


Product Design:  7 Chakra

Meaning:   The 7 Chakras are energy centers along the spine that represent different aspects of our well-being. They include the Root Chakra for grounding, Sacral Chakra for creativity, Solar Plexus Chakra for personal power, Heart Chakra for love, Throat Chakra for communication, Third Eye Chakra for intuition, and Crown Chakra for spiritual connection.



The selenite charging plate naturally cleanses, charges, reactivates and amplifies crystals and gemstone jewelry placed upon it.  Use this selenite charging station to purify and recharge your crystal collection; place your crystals and tumbled stones on top of the selenite place to cleanse and clear their energy.


Note:  Will dissolve when wet.

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