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Incense Backflow Dhoop Cones - Rose

Incense Backflow Dhoop Cones - Rose

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Product Description:


Product Box Dimension:  3.25”H x 2.75”W

Amount of cones:  24

Cone Height:  1.5”H


Incense Fountain: Incense waterfall cones are used for creating aromatic smoke fountain in the special burner meant for such cones.  Backflow cones are a special type of premium incense cones that add a new spin to incense with smoke the cascades in a flowing downward manner.


Cone incense burner is not included


HOW TO USE? After lighting the incense cone’s tip using a match or lighter, it is important to allow 5 to 20 seconds to pass before snuffing out the flame. Once it is blown out, a wafting spiral of smoke emanating from the tip of the waterfall incense cones signals the embers have caught and the cone is beginning to burn. (Burn Time: 20-25 min)


The Rose fragrance is a unique blend of rose petals, with a subtle hint of other floral scents. This unique combination creates a serene and uplifting atmosphere in your space, making it perfect for use during meditation, yoga, or simply to help you relax after a long day.

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