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Nag Champa + Mountain Sage

Nag Champa + Mountain Sage

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Product Description: 


Product Dimension:  about 4" - 6"

Item weight:  1.1 oz.


NAG CHAMPA is a fragrance of Indian origin, based on a combination of plumeria and sandalwood. It is used to relax, calm the nerves, sanctify or purify an area, spiritual matters, best for meditation.

Blue Sage (Shasta sage)- A close relative of white sage, blue sage is also good for healing & cleansing rituals. It's soothing, relaxing smell can be used to aid meditation or  burning simply for enjoyment. It's not as pungant as white sage, & is more agreeable to some folks who find the strong, bracing scent of  white sage overpowering.   


    Burning Sage Safety Tips

    •  Fire Safety: Keep away from flammable objects and extinguish fully.
    • Ventilation: Use in well-ventilated areas to prevent smoke irritation.
    • Respiratory Considerations: Be mindful of asthma/allergies.
    • Burns and Ashes: Handle with care and use a heat-resistant container.
    • Personal Safety: Avoid burns, handle securely.
    • Cultural Respect: Honor the cultural significance of burning sage.

    Stay safe and respectful when burning sage.


     This item is individually sold and does not come with 2 smudge sticks as shown on picture.

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