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Incense - Good Fortune

Incense - Good Fortune

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Product Description:


Product Box Dimension:  10.5”H x 1”W

Amount of sticks:  8

Stick Height:  9.5”H

Burning Time:  30-35 minutes

Usage:  Place in any convenient location away from sources of inflammation.  Place the lit incense stick in the incense holder.

Storage:  Store away from inflammable areas


Good Fortune scent is a blend of fragrant oils and natural herbs, designed to create a positive and harmonious atmosphere. This incense is believed to attract good luck and prosperity into your life, and help you achieve your goals. It is often used for meditation and spiritual practices, as well as for creating a peaceful and uplifting environment in your home or workplace. The soothing aroma of HEM Good Fortune incense is sure to lift your spirits and bring a sense of joy and abundance to your life.

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