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Incense Backflow Cones - Cinnamon

Incense Backflow Cones - Cinnamon

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Product Description:


Product Box Dimension:  3.25”H x 2.75”W

Amount of cones:  40 

Cone Height:  2.5”H


Incense Fountain: Incense waterfall cones are used for creating aromatic smoke fountain in the special burner meant for such cones.


Cone incense burner is not included


Hem incense cones are non toxic all natural organic and herbal made and smell great of purest essential oils.


HOW TO USE? After lighting the incense cone’s tip using a match or lighter, it is important to allow 5 to 20 seconds to pass before snuffing out the flame. Once it is blown out, a wafting spiral of smoke emanating from the tip of the waterfall incense cones signals the embers have caught and the cone is beginning to burn. (Burn Time: 20-25 min)


Cinnamon incense is a type of incense stick made by HEM Corporation, which is based in Bangalore, India. The incense is made from a blend of natural ingredients, including cinnamon oil and resin, mixed with wood powders and charcoal. The scent is warm and spicy, with a sweet and comforting aroma. The incense is commonly used for meditation, relaxation, and to create a peaceful and welcoming atmosphere.

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