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Car Vent Diffuser - Mahogany Shea

Car Vent Diffuser - Mahogany Shea

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Product Description:  


Quantitiy:  1

Material:  Glass & Wood

Essential Oil:  .2 fl oz. 


  • High quality fragrance oil.
  • Complements any car interior.

Instructions - 

1.  Remove the wooden lid and stopper, then place vent clip around the neck of the bottle.

2.  Secure lid back on - do not over tighten to avoid damaging the glass bottle.

3.  Insert reeds through lid, then tilt bottle slightly to saturate the lid and reeds with fragrance.

4.  Clip bottle onto the car vent.  Avoid keeping in direct sunlight or extreme heat. 

5.  Keep diffuser upright at all times or leakage will occur.

6.  Gently shake the bottle to refresh the fragrance as needed.




    • Keep diffuser out of the reach of children and pets.
    • Avoid contact with face, eyes, textiles and furnishings.
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