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Large Incense Sticks - Call Money

Large Incense Sticks - Call Money

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Product Description:


Product Box Dimension:  10”H x 1”W

Amount of sticks:  20

Stick Height:  9.5”H

Burning Time:  30-35 minutes

Usage:  Place in any convenient location away from sources of inflammation.  Place the lit incense stick in the incense holder.

Storage:  Store away from inflammable areas


Call money is a specially crafted scent that helps attract prosperity, abundance and financial success. Its blend of herbs and fragrances is designed to align your thoughts and actions towards your financial goals, and help you manifest them. The aroma of this incense is pleasant and calming, making it perfect for meditation and visualization exercises focused on attracting wealth and abundance. Use Hem incense call money to create a positive and prosperous atmosphere in your home or workspace.

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